Lifting Equipment Transportation from Europe


CategoriesCarriage of project cargoCarriage of oversize cargoCarriage of high-value goods.

Route: Europe – Russia.

Cargo: Lifting equipment weighing up to 15.5 tons.

Transport: Jumbo semi-trailers with ramps for self-loading.

Project description:

The Kapitan team have successfully completed eight orders for delivery of lifting equipment from Western Europe during the four months from February to May.



The specific customer request demanded self-loading. To that end, we had developed specific handling operations flow charts tailored to the equipment parameters. The Jumbo semi-trailers with ramps for self-loading of the machinery and the option of complete frame dismantling were used for transportation of lifters. We already described a similar solution earlier this year within the project Delivery of Machinery to Primorsky Krai: A 13,000-kilometer Journey.

It should be noted that the team of specialists and engineers have worked in a really coherent and operative manner at all stages of the project, including both prompt supply of vehicles for loading after receipt of a corresponding request as well as a high cargo delivery speed. Some transportations demanded that the frames of the semi-trucks be completely mounted back and covered with a tent after the machinery had self-loaded. Complete covering of cargo during transportation is quite a rare option in such cases, but the design of our Jumbo semi-trailers made this possible, while our experienced and responsible drivers ensured qualitative fulfilment of the order.


Services rendered:

- Development of handling and cargo fastening operations flow charts;

- Photo and video reporting from the loading area;

- Customs clearance and document support of transportation (Carnet TIR provided for accelerated border passage with customs sealed cargo).

We thank the client for the long term trust and willingness to work on challenging tasks as a team!



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