Czech Republic – Kazakhstan Transport Project


Categories: Carriage of project cargoCarriage of oversize cargo.

Route: Czech Republic – Kazakhstan.

Distance: 6,500 km.

Cargo: Crushing equipment; weight up to 22.5 tonnes.

Transport: 3 Mega trailers, dismantled down to the platform, and 1 standard awning.

Project Description:

The transport project carried out by the Kapitan team was part of a larger project. One of the most important elements of project implementation was drawing up a reliable plan for meeting up with other convoys of long haul trucks from Finland and Estonia.

The following additional services were provided during the transportation of the equipment:

- development of a route for oversized cargo;

- arranging and clearing permits for oversized loads and vehicles;

- ensuring especially strong reinforced attachments for cargo by using chain slings.

Chain slings are used for heavy and bulky rigidly built cargo, as well as specialized machinery and machines. Using certified (accredited) chain slings that can handle from 6 to 8 tons (rupture load), we provide additional security and safety for your goods during transportation.

A responsible approach and attention to detail inevitably lead to excellent and worthwhile results. The machines arrived at the unloading point in a timely manner, and the client provided a positive feedback to the work we had accomplished.

We would be grateful for any useful feedback because your opinion provides a reliable indicator showing us that we have chosen the right approach!

Your captain in logistics!

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Czech Republic – Kazakhstan Transport Project

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