Delivery of Machinery to Primorsky Krai: A 13,000-kilometer Journey


Categories: Carriage of project cargo, Carriage of oversize cargo, Carriage of high-value goods.

Route: Italy – Russian regions (Volga Federal District and Primorsky Krai).

Countries: Italy – Austria – Czech Republic – Poland – Belarus – Russia.

Cargo: Self-propelled loading machinery, weight up to 22 tons.

Transport: three vehicles with Jumbo semitrailers.

Project description:

At the start of the project to transport expensive machinery, the Kapitan team thoroughly worked out the routes, options for load fastening, and produced an exclusive technical solution for the loading process. Owing to the substantial preparatory work we managed to ensure timely delivery and guaranteed security of the cargo on the 13,000-kilometer route.

A material term of the contract was the self-mounting loading technique. This mode makes it possible to load/unload machinery on wheels within a minimum period of time and with no expensive loading equipment and mechanisms involved. Therefore, to transport mobile loaders it was suggested that we use Jumbo semitrailers of Kapitan’s own fleet, equipped with special access ramps. The structural elements on the low part of the semitrailer were dismounted to the state of platforms.



Additional services were provided in the course of the project:

-  Development of loading and unloading layouts;

-  Production of special additional technical facilities for ensuring self-mounting of machinery;

-  Provision of a comprehensive photo and video report for the loading/unloading operations.

Two vehicles delivered the cargo to Russian regions close to the border between Russia and Kazakhstan, having covered 6,000 kilometers each at an excellent pace. The third cargo was bound for Primorsky Krai and arrived right on time, having traveled 13,000 kilometers, including a substantial portion of the way on mountainous regions of Trans-Baikal (4,500 kilometers) and snow-covered roads.



Having met the customer’s deadlines concerning the delivery we managed to accomplish our mission on 31 December, on New Year’s Eve, thus setting the pace for highly productive and rewarding work throughout the year 2018.

We are happy to cite the customer’s testimonial with respect to the implemented project to transport an oversize cargo from Italy:

“KAPITAN has yet again proved its high status of a professional in international transportation. During the preparatory phase, we had a competent technical consultation as to the choice of the type of vehicle and received a scheme of loading/unloading and fastening of the cargo. The timely availability of the vehicle for loading, fast notification about the disposition, document control and rapid delivery made it an exemplary delivery!”

We are especially grateful to our design team for their professional approach to the resolution of unconventional tasks and high-quality preparation. Specialists of all services and offices demonstrated perfect teamwork during the route planning, technical finalization of the vehicles and fastening components, and control of loading/unloading operations and the entire transportation process.

We are also grateful to our drivers — A.K. Sidorenko, A.N. Lelebin, R.A. Kazakevich, V.V. Shevtsov, and V.N. Mikhalenko — for their tenacity and excellent work in adverse road and weather conditions of the winter season, as well as active assistance to representatives of the sender during the loading phase.

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