Kapitan Conquers the Severe Roads of Yakutia


Categories: Carriage of project cargo, Carriage of oversize cargo, Carriage of high-value goods.

Route: Italy – Russia, the Far East, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Distance: 12,000 km.

Countries: Italy – Austria – Germany – Poland – Belarus – Russia.

Cargo: Mobile loading machines weighing up to 20 tons.

Transport: Jumbo semi-trailers with ramps for self-loading and with frames dismantled to a platform state.

Project description:

We know and love the Far East and are glad to add a most interesting project for delivering a loader from Italy to the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) to our vast expertise.


The preparation of transportation took 2 weeks with due allowance to the extremely harsh road and weather conditions of the region. We studied and planned the route in detail, still the chances of unloading at the final destination point remained vague until the last moment. The last 100 km were to be covered across the Siberian off-road.


The Yakutia road network is now actively developing, the construction of new routes and bridges is planned, but some roads require substantial repairs, and many of them are not designed for intense traffic of heavy trucks. The complexity profile of some routes depends upon the season and geographical inaccessibility of some roads. In spring and summer, floods and rainfalls erode the roads in the republic.

We notified the client of possible problems en route in advance. We used the Jumbo semi-trailers for self-loading of the machines, developed tailoredhandling operations flow charts, and made special additional technical devices.

We were able to develop and implement such an exclusive solution for transportation of mobile loaders over extremely complex and demanding roads not only through careful planning and continuous monitoring at all stages but also thanks to practical knowledge and understanding of peculiarities of the region we had accumulated. The credit for impeccable and fast passage of such a difficult route goes to our drivers Nikolai Yanovich and Anatoly Mashir.

The client highly appreciated our work and left a cordial feedback on cooperation with us, “We are satisfied with the work done and are grateful for the excellent preparation!”

The Kapitan team have conquered the severe roads of Yakutia!

The prompt delivery of the machinery to the consignee’s “door” points to the fact that we have not only fulfilled our obligations but have gone the extra mile showing our 100% readiness to play our cards right!



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