Carriage of high-value goods

The enterprises of Kapitan Group have held customs carrier licenses in the Republic of Belarus since 2007 and in the Russian Federation since 2012.

This enables us to carry high-value goods across the EAEU with customs charges exceeding the TIR Carnet  guarantee limit.

After crossing the external border of the EAEU, your goods uncleared and unreleased into free circulation will fall under supervision by the customs services. Further traffic of such high-value goods will require convoy escort, or will be possible only after the security for the payment of custom dues has been presented to the customs office and custom transit documents have been executed.

In this case the services of the customs carrier, which will promptly deliver high-value goods to the customs of destination without providing additional guarantees, as it has a special status with the customs authorities, is an alternative for you that will allow saving time and money.

Cooperation with the customs carrier represented by Kapitan Group, within the high-value goods projects, will allow you to:

1. Reduce the time for the customs clearance and crossing of the EAEU countries borders (customs clearance specialists of the Kapitan Group carry out a complete check of documents after loading of vehicles and draw up the transit declaration as part of EAN – electronic advance notification).

2. Save time for awaiting convoy, and therefore optimise the time of delivery.

3. Eliminate additional expenses for the customs escort (convoy) and provision of financial guarantees.

For reliable and safe delivery Kapitan offers:

- own modern vehicles complying with Euro-5 standard;

- development of individual plans for cargo loading and fastening;

- 24-hour GPS-monitoring and support for vehicles on a trip;

- supplementary cargo insurance.

Respecting your time and caring for your reputation, Kapitan Group guarantees compliance with the Customs law and safety of your goods in transit.
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