Carriage of oversize cargo

Kapitan Group has provided oversize cargoes transportation with own vehicles since 2007, when MAZ vehicles delivered the first shipment of industrial equipment for Belorussian metallurgical plant from Germany to Belarus.

Today the geography of carriage covers Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and other countries in Europe and Asia, and modern specialised vehicles from European manufacturers (Mega semi-trailers, Jumbo semi-trailers), available at the motor vehicle fleet of the Group of Companies, allow performing the most unusual tasks.

Kapitan guarantees individual approach to each client, namely:

  providing vehicles corresponding to the specific character of the cargo;

  working out of the arrangement of cargoes and ensuring safe fastening thereof;

  arranging cargo loading and unloading works, selecting special equipment;

  developing transportation route and assessing its optimality from the perspective of time saving and minimisation of costs;

  obtaining permits for trafficking the oversize cargoes along the particular route;

  escorting the cargo with pilot cars or by Road Patrol Service en route;

  24-hour access to information on the cargo location due to satellite vehicle tracking system.

The Group of Companies carries the following types of oversize cargoes within Europe, The Eurasian Economic Union and Central Asia:

  industrial equipment (turbines, reactors, boilers, transformers);

  production machines and pressing equipment;

  agricultural machinery (combine harvesters, tractors);

  road construction equipment (crawler and wheeled machines);

  construction equipment (cranes, excavators, bulldozers);

  transport equipment, boats, yachts, powerboats;

  fuel and energy equipment;

  high-volume tanks and vessels (barrels, tanks, cisterns, reservoirs);

  mobile (cement, concrete) plants, finished industrial lines;

  special equipment.

Transportation of oversize cargoes is not only our history and tradition. It is the activity that in 2013, after the oversize carriage department has been created, reached a new stage in its development and is of the highest priority for us.
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