Carriage of project cargo

Arrangement of project carriage is a demanding task requiring detailed planning and control at all stages and close interaction between the company departments. Taking into account the specific character of the cargo and the customer's wishes Kapitan Group addresses the following issues:

- determines the types of vehicles for transportation and equipment for loading and unloading;

- selects the optimal number of road trains required for successful and quick implementation of the project;

- develops cargo loading and securing plans;

- works out the route ensuring quick passage of each kilometer and cost optimisation;

- analyses the technical potential of the route for the transportation of heavy-lift and oversize cargo;

- plans the shipping schedule;

- draws freight forwarding and customs documents.

Project solutions are required to arrange transportation of:

- entire plants or individual finished manufacturing lines;

- large shipments of industrial equipment;

- exhibition equipment and stands;

- dangerous, high-value goods, and oversize cargoes.

Within the projects Kapitan pays special attention to the safety of goods. The Group of Companies provides services for high-value goods supplementary insurance and piloting (escort with pilot cars) of oversize cargoes to ensure safe passage of road facilities along the route and prevent delays.

When the vehicle column moves in convoy, our escort specialists ensure simultaneous arrival of all road trains to the point of the customs clearance, which allows the consignee at the customs of the destination country to declare all of the cargo parts under a single customs code.

Kapitan Group arranges project carriage of any complexity without restrictions by size, volume, and location of the cargoes, as it is confirmed by the examples of successful projects (transportation of container housestransportation of fire enginestransportation of industrial equipment) for major companies from Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia in such industries as agriculture, road construction, metallurgy, chemical, machine engineering, and automobile construction.

And this is not the limit of our possibilities! Each of your projects is number one in the list of our priorities!
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